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Yeezy (150)

Yeezy is a shoe brand launched by American rapper Kanye West in collaboration with Adidas.The Yeezy line of shoes includes several different styles and classifications, some of the most well-known ones are as follows:Yeezy Boost,This is the iconic shoe of the Yeezy series, which features Adidas' Boost cushioning technology and a unique design style that is much loved by sneakerheads.Yeezy 350,This is another highly coveted shoe from the Yeezy line that features lightweight materials and unique textile technology to provide comfort and style.Yeezy 500,This is a stylish and functional shoe that features thick materials and a unique sole design to provide support and cushioning to the wearer.Yeezy Slide: This is a type of flip-flop from the Yeezy collection that features a simple design and materials for everyday wear.Overall, the Yeezy line of footwear is highly regarded for its unique design style and technology, making it an important brand in the sneaker market. Both athletes and fashion lovers can find a shoe for themselves in this collection.

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