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Jordan 2 (12)

What you need to know about Air Jordan 2?

The Air Jordan 2 is a basketball shoe designed by Nike that was first introduced in 1986. Designed by Bruce Kilgore, the shoe features premium materials and a sleek design that injects a new element into the Air Jordan line. the Air Jordan 2 was the first basketball shoe to use crocodile material on the upper and the first shoe to feature an adjustable tongue design. It also features signature design elements of the Air Jordan line, such as the unique wing logo and Nike's Air air cushion technology. Although the Air Jordan 2 was not as well received in the market as the rest of the Air Jordan line, it was still loved by many basketball shoe collectors and sneakerheads. Over time, the Air Jordan 2 has also been released in several limited editions and special editions, making it one of the classics in fashion and culture.

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